Meet Plaza at Lubbock Wellness Specialist Nessa Brinkley

  1. Nessa BrinkleyWHY ARE ACTIVITIES IMPORTANT TO SENIORS? Being active has always been important to me and I love cheering others on in this area.  Countless research and studies show that even mild exercise and activity can improve mental and physical health by releasing endorphins in our body which gives us a feeling of euphoria. There are other benefits to mild exercise; helps to boost immunity system, build stronger muscles, ligaments, and joints (this helps prevent falls). It helps improve heart disease and diabetes. There are so many benefits to exercise that enlightens one’s overall health.
  2. WHAT IS YOUR NUMBER ONE TIP FOR KEEPING SENIORS ACTIVE AND HAPPY? As a Wellness Specialist I tell the residents let’s dance…. A body in motion stays in motion whatever age you are.   They love music — it lifts my spirit and theirs as well.
  3. WHAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT YOUR WORK? I love working for Lifetime Wellness and my favorite part is the exercises and maintenance program…I love helping them feel good about themselves, their smiles when the they see that they are getting stronger. I love cheering them on and participating with them.

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